8 Things I Learned from Reese Witherspoon

#4 Be an Activist

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Since her first movie in 1991, award-winning actress, producer, writer, and activist Witherspoon has been winning our hearts.

With her Southern charm, inclusive positions, and unpretentious personality, it’s hard not to love Witherspoon. In the nine inspirations below, mostly related in her own words, you might learn something too.

1. Diversify and Create the World You Want to See

Witherspoon’s resume includes acting, a fashion–and–home accessories line (Draper James), her own production company and book club (Hello Sunshine, which consists of a book club, podcast, YouTube channel, movies, and more), authoring books (including her latest book, Whiskey in a Teacup), and more.

“I believe in abundance. I believe creativity is endless.” — Reese Witherspoon to the LA Times.

“I thought about my mom, who said, ‘If you want something done, do it yourself,’” Ms. Witherspoon continued. “You can sit there and complain about it, or you can do something about it.”- Witherspoon to the New York Times.

“That message — that you shouldn’t dream a little, girls, that you got enough of your pie already — is not OK,” she says. And she’s done staying quiet about it. So, to little girls everywhere, “when people try to tell you to stay in your lane, don’t listen,” says Witherspoon, settling into a smile as she repeats herself: “Do not listen.” — Reese Witherspoon to Hollywood Reporter.

Witherspoon has entrepreneurship in her blood. According to Vogue magazine, Witherspoon started her first company out of her school desk at nine years old. She started modeling at age seven, and she was starring in her first film.

In 2016, after experiencing misogynistic attitudes in Hollywood, Witherspoon started her production company, Hello Sunshine, with her own money. Her first two movies, Gone Girl and Wild, were from books she optioned before publication.

Upcoming projects, based also based on books, include Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and White Lies. They also have six television series in development at six different networks. And according to Vulture, she’s going to produce a singing…



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